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Making money came easy to the author.  It wasn't too easy for others...mainly her victims... 

When do you realize that you should get off the path that you've chosen...


One day there was a Japanese coat made of silk it was

green with a beautiful peacock on the back. I never seen something

so pretty before. So I asked one of the ladies can I buy this,

and they said “yes, for a quarter”.

I put that on and it was nice, then I would hit a vick and all he

could remember is the peacock.

We were so good at this that we started to take our little show

on the road. I mean everyone in Queens knew about some girls

robbing guys for money and giving them a hell of a beat down.

We took it to Brooklyn and just like Queens there was a vick. But

Brooklyn vicks didn’t have that much money and so we took it to

Manhattan , bingo. Manhattan boys was all she wrote. You talking

about money we made almost three hundred dollars from one guy

outside of this bar. Then we heard about a twenty four hour spot

we went there and we made about one-hundred and fifty dollars.

The only thing about vicking Manhattan boys is that we had a

long way to get home. But it was worth it. We decided if we need

a lot of money we would go to Manhattan . But we really wanted

to stay in Queens . We went to rob some guy on the south side

and he screamed and ran. Man I almost wet my pants. Then one

day Nana picked out this vick but by this time we were all over the

street news. We told Nana not to pick anyone today that we would

go to Manhattan but no she wouldn’t listen. The vick knocked her

the fuck out with one blow. He caught us by surprise but when I

pull out the 38 just like everyone else he was vick-timized. He also

got an ass whipping.

It was blood all over the place and damn he bled on my new

“dogs”(my shoes).

Anyway Back to the Hood of Things;

When I brought food home my mother use to ask me where

did you get the food from. I just looked at her and walk away.

She knew not to touch me so she didn’t. Being with Hy-Kim gave

me a sense of strength. I mean really I felt powerful and I could

kick anyone’s ass and if I couldn’t I knew that Hy-Kim could and


I use to put the food in the frig and my brothers and sister was

like yeah sis went shopping. After a while I use to go to see Hy-

Kim my littler sister wanted to come with me. I really didn’t want

to take her.

We had to walk pretty far and I really didn’t want to bring her,

but there was something about her. I didn’t want her to ever look

down at me. I knew that she was just so “syked” about me and my

new money. So like always I would break down and say ok.

If she came she just use to pee on herself every time. I use to

beg her not to pee on herself but there she would pee on herself.

But I didn’t care Hy-Kim had a washer and dryer at his house so

we used to wash her clothes and she used to look so cute sitting

there waiting for her clothes to dry



My little sister and I used to go over all the time. I really enjoyed

being with Hy-Kim we didn’t have sex that much and that was alright

with me. He was faster than Eric. And I still didn’t get it.

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Product Of My Environment

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