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Product Of My Environment Official Trailer
P.O.M.E. was been nominated for:
Best Narrative Short Film
Best Drama In A Short Film
The Lady's Of Product Of My Environment Short Film 

Product Of My Environment the short film is a movie that had to be done.  It was not done to make a million dollars, it was not done to stroke an ego.  The short film was done in hopes that it would reach those people that look at their life situations and think that there is no way out of the conflicts that are part of their lives.

This film Product Of My Environment was put together due to such a large cry out for it from the books loyal fans. 

Product Of My Environment - From Me To You - Reiko Brown the book was published May 2010.  From the day the first book was sold the cry came out that said "this should be a movie". 

The short film Product Of My Environment will be submitted to film festivals in 2013.  Our short film had it's world premiere at the New York City International Film Festival.  Also we were nominated for 2 awards : Best Narrative Short Film and Best Drama In A Short Film...we didn't win...but it was are some pics from the event...CLICK HERE...
We will list them as soon as possible.  We would hope that you will come out and support the film.

You can also contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about the short film by emailing us at  We look forward to hearing from you.

What we're doing here is trying to give the world an opportunity to see Product Of My Environment The Short Film. 







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Product Of My Environment

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