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  •  POME - Home Page for Product Of My Environment - The book that's helping to open people's eyes and hearts, showing people that life is worth living and fighting for.


  • POME Events - POME is traveling and growing.  There are things happening for POME.  The fans are working to see POME and hear from the author.  This is the spot you will have to visit to find out what's going on.


  • Order POME - You can purchase the book or the ebook.  Coming soon the short film will be available.



  • POME Helps - There are so many people living with problems that seem as if it's overwhelming to them.  Never give up, the help is out there, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Reiko knows.  She knows that you can change your life, she did.



  • The Film - Product Of My Environment the short film is coming soon.  Follow it's progress and become part of the growth.


  • The Song - theonekemist style is out of this world, hear what this fan of POME did on the mic.

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