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A new block, a new beginning.  Making friends and bidding so long to others.  Major events plague the author as she continues to make her way through life. 

Sheila said well next time you do it try looking at him it will be better. I said ok well I’ll try it. Eric started coming over more and more and we had sex every time he came over and still I didn’t get it. I tried everything looking at him, making noises. I even tried to talk to him like in the “Shaft” movies. I tried talking before sex and after sex nothing I still didn’t get it. I just didn’t get it. One night we were having sex and Eric said that he was stuck. I said

“stuck where” he said “in here”. I said then get it out. He said let me relax and then it would come out ok. I said does it happen like that you know stuck. He said no this is the first time. Well after that we didn’t get stuck no more, but sex still didn’t make any sense to me. I wish I had someone to help me I really wanted to know more about sex. Because Eric was so happy. One thing about having sex I notice that my “titties” was getting bigger. After I had

sex with Eric all I wanted was beef patties and ice cream. Eric was my boyfriend and I guess I had to keep doing it until I could figure it out.

School started and I was telling everyone that I had a boyfriend and we where having sex. Everyone seemed to be excited until they asked me how was it. I said well fast.

I started cutting it off. My mother, sister and brothers where like

stop. My mother said, let her do it she would be back in the hospital

in no time. I didn’t care I needed to go to 203

rd St. and see

Tyberius. He needs me. And I needed him. If he was here those

two guys would not laugh at me. Tyberius would beat them with

his dog chain.

I cut the cast off and stood up. It hurted like hell. But I couldn’t

let my brothers and sister know that. I started walking down the stairs

and thank goodness for the rails. Then I went outside and Sheila

was still sitting there. She said what did you do? Girl you crazy.

I said, “do you want to come with me somewhere?”

Then we started walking. Sheila let me lean on her when we

got to a corner. All the way there Sheila kept asking are you ok.

I just kept walking I just had to keep going. When we finally got

there I went straight to Tyberius house and knocked on the door.

His mother answered the door. I asked is Tyberius home. She

looked at me and didn’t answer.

I said, I’m Bones I’m one of his friends. She said, come in.

The last time I was in Tyberius house he was having sex with

some big head girl. And all I keep hearing is “oh keep going, oh

keep going”.

Sheila and I sat down. His mother said do you want some kool

aid I said no.

Where’s Tyberius?

Is he ok?

I mean he’s not dead is he?

Then Sheila said, no thank you mam.

I looked at Sheila and calmed down.

Then his mother said, “that the Skulls where up at a restaurant

and had a fight with the Crowns and cops came in.” and Tyberius

got arrested.

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Product Of My Environment

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