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Product Of My Environment has put together many email addresses to help your inquiree get quicker responses. 



Information - Would you like to find out what's going on, have questions, want to be part of upcoming events.
Reiko - Contact the author.
eBook - Would you like the ebook version of Product of my environment.
Webmaster - Is there a question about the site, something you'd like to change or a concern, let us know.
Links - We look for links to other sites that inspire, educate and help others.
Photos - Do you have a photo that represents change, growth, accomplishment, or hope, please let us know.  We'd love to place it on our site for the world to see. 
The Film - You can contact us about the Product Of My Environment the short film by sending an email to the address.
The Song - Would you like to contact theonekemist, we set up an email here.



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