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Finding true love is a dream for us all...well finally for the author...a love that will last for many years...through ups and downs...good and bad...a love that will never die...

Then I looked at Darshim and Shamir and then back at Kendu.

Who by this time looked like he was pouting.

I said, don’t pout I’ll come. Then he took me by the hand.

We went on the train and took it to 42nd St. , then took the A train

to 125th. Every stop that the train made more 5% got on. There

where 5% with babies that had on little “coofies” and the little

queens had on long skirts and turbans. Every time one of them

got on the train I smiled. I sat next to Kendu and all the gods that

came around him was talking funny. I couldn’t understand a word

they were saying. And the earths they were all over the place. I

was the only one with Lee’s on. By the time we got there it was

full of earth’s with turbans and long skirts they call ¾ . I really felt

unconformable but; Kendu took me by the hand I think he knew

that. We were getting off the train and a god named Divine, he

has a mustache and beard he asked Kendu why am I not dressed

in ¾ and Kendu told him that I was new and that I will be dressed

next time.

I said who’s he?

Kendu said, let me do the talking ok.

I said, cool.

I didn’t understand that. I wouldn’t have told him shit. But I

thought that Kendu knew what he was doing so I didn’t say a

word. The Parliament was on 128th st. at a school. Man there

were a lot of people there and I couldn’t believe how many gods

and earths there where or how many children there where. But

we filled that school.


I said, yes I really like it. Then he arch my back with his hands

and went deep in my sugar wall and said, now lets come together.

I didn’t know what he was talking about. But all of a sudden my

legs started to shake and my toes started to cramp and I stared

breathing faster and faster and so did he. I looked up at him and

he was looking at me and then oh my goodness and then I closed

my eyes and wrapped my legs around his back and held on. And

it was over. I couldn’t believe it. I shouted “I like it”. What the fuck.

I really like it.

Then he said, I hear that. And I thought oh shit did I say that

out loud.

He laid on top of me and wiped the sweat off my head.

He said, so you are going to graduate this year.

I said, what?

He said, you are gong to graduate this year.

I said, I don’t know. I mean what kind of shit is that to talk

about after such great love making.

He said, when you graduate what are you going to do.

I said, I want to be a Happy Hooker.

He looked at me and said what?

I said, a hooker.

He said, no, why you want to be a hooker.

I said, to make money. I’ll give you some when I make it.

He said, no Uasia you are not going to be a hooker.

He said, what else do you want to do.

I said, I really haven’t thought about nothing else but being a

hooker. Then he kissed me and said, what kind of world do you

live in.

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Product Of My Environment

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