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There have been many fans that have contacted Product Of My Environment - From Me To You since it was first published.  We want all fans to contact us about their feelings about the book, or even just about their lives.
We're trying to make it easy for you to contact us by giving you many different choices:
Feedback Form - This form is designed for you who don't want to email.  Once you click the feedback form you can submit your comment directly to us.
Email POME - We're giving you email addresses to help make your communication very easy.  We've set up email accounts to handle many different sections of this site and more.
POME Chat - We've put together a chat room so that you can communicate directly with the Author Reiko Brown.  She's not on 24/7 but you might run into other fans, and those that share your same feelings.
Guest Book - Here you can leave comments that all visitors can see.  We don't mind what comments you leave, please just be respectful.

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Product Of My Environment

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