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The author is learning a new talent.  This talent will be used many times in her life.  Some of you might have had the same talent.  But then we grow up. 

We continue to walk we stop at a store and Tyberius took food and oj and did not pay for it. When we got out of the store I said, “Do you know him in the store?”

He said, “No I just don’t pay for anything that I could steal.”
He stopped, looked at me and smiled and said, “because Bones I steal. Ok. Anymore questions or do you want some.”

Yeah, “Where the hell are we going!” He stopped and said I’m taking you to the hospital. I didn’t question him again.

I just took the o j and cinnamon bun and kept getting up.
Wow stealing that’s cool don’t pay for anything you can steal. That’s a

keeper. We went to Farmers blvd. right around the corner from the bank. There was this house with a green fence around it. It wasa small house with only one floor. I never seen a house so small.

Tyberius didn’t even knock he just went in. I followed him and he turned to me and said, “ have a seat.”

I sat down on a brown flowered couch. There was also a table

I guess it was the dinning room, and there where pictures all over the place. I mean pictures of people a lot of people. Kids, men, women with kids some had on uniforms like in the Army. I wonder

who are all these people. Then two girls came out with their bathrobes on and I wondered what was Tyberius doing and where is he. They were dark skinned just like me but they had a sense of

confidence., and they had nice teeth.


After a while everyone knew us. I would go to school and everyone

knew me I was loud and a liar. And my mother loved to go

shopping. She would buy us all kinds of clothing real nice clothes.

Especially after she would beat me to cover up the scares I guess

she would buy me clothes.


So I was always well dressed with the latest styles. And it was

cool with everyone. You see Queens was all about the fashion,

and I was keeping up with the Jones. They started calling me

Bones and I loved it. I had a nick name. I wasn’t black and baldy

anymore I was Bones.

Barbara also dressed real nice and her grandmother always

would take her shopping for new clothes too. I thought wow she

was getting beatings too. And that’s what everyone I saw with new

clothes, I thought they were getting beatings too. Wow Queens

was cool.

Going to school was so cool. I learned a whole new form

of lying. I would tell everyone that my father was my brother. My

father had a way of looking young all the time. It’s like he never

aged. You know my father also keep getting better looking. At

least that’s what all the kids from the school would say. The girls

would giggle when they seen my father and I used that to the best

of my ability.

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