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 In the beginning there she was wondering if she was cursed.  It started early in her life...and continued...get to know the author...some of you might have had similar thoughts...
What a day, this was the day all black people where saying it loud “I’m Black and I’m Proud”. As I looked in the mirror in our
little bathroom all I would see is my dark skin, big eyes and bald head. What is there to be proud of, I thought to myself. I was getting dressed and my brothers wanted to come in.
“No you guys stay out I’ll be out in a minute.”
Then the door opened up and there she was. My mother. My mother was the boss of the house, and she hated me. Ever since I could remember she hated me.

I don’t know why but she said that she hated me from the day I was born. Anyway. She grabs me and pulled me out of the bathroom.

I cried. And my brothers laughed. I looked down and there I was standing there naked. I ran to my bedroom and got dressed.

That’s how I started most of my mornings. Crying. I was bald headed because my mother burned off my hair with a hot comb.

Why? I don’t know. So I went to school like that most mornings pushing back the pain of the morning.

That night all we talked about was the fight, and every

time I told it, it was different. But the ending was the same mom

and I won.

The next day I was gleaming’ I had a fight and that was all

right. Then Bennie, a boy who lived in Renee’s apartment building,

said, “she’s my cousin”. But, back then all you needed was

a like for another person and they where your “cousin”. Well he

came up to me after school and said, “ I heard you beat up my


I didn’t say anything. He said I should beat you up. I still didn’t

say anything then he hit me. And I still didn’t say anything. I guess

I need my mother to threaten me so I could fight. I walked home

and saw my father outside on the stoop. I said hi dad. He said,

what happened to you I told him about Bennie and what happened

after school. He said, “I’ll pick you up after school tomorrow and

you show me who Bennie is.

Yeah my Daddy. The next day couldn’t come fast enough for

me and the end of school couldn’t either. I went outside and seen

my DAD. Then I spotted Bennie. I said Bennie my Dad wants to

talk to you. My daddy said did you hit my daughter and Bennie

said yes.

My daddy said, “well you need to pick on someone your own

size” and Bennie said “like you”. Well before I knew it and to

my surprise my daddy pushes Bennie and he landed on his butt.

Everyone laughed. And so did I. That night we were eating dinner

and a knock came on the door. It was the cops they wanted

to speak with my DAD.

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Product Of My Environment

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