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Product Of My Environment is a story, an adventure a world that many of us do not know, though we've each experienced some of the situations in the book. We've designed this site to give you an insight into the life of 1 young lady, but it is more, it is a mirror to yourlife. We've all experienced somenegative things in life. Things that arevery difficult to deal with, things that cause us pain. Product Of My Environment shows you that lifeis worth living, life is worth fighting for, the future has a bright side ifyou work to change your life.
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It's rare that a book can come along and cause such apositive reaction from it's readers.From the gifts Reiko has received to the song that was written about herlife, Product Of My Environment has awakened a spirit in it's readers that noother book here...

The short film Product Of My Environment is coming soon...much of the productiong has been we're in the final see to book come to life is something to here...
The Lady's Of POME

The Author Reiko Brown knows what it's like to struggle through many different life changing events, drugs, violence, crime, bullies and much more...she wants to help you find your here...

To hear theonekemist song Product Of My Environment click here...This song is able to deliver the pain and story from the book.theonekemist stylewill make you move.

Product Of My Environment is happy that you came by to visit us. We hope that you've enjoyed your stay, and hope that you come back with your friends.

We know that we can make a difference in the lives of people, if we all work together.
As long as we have hope we have a chance.

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